Mission Statement  

The mission statement of the Muscle Shoals City School district is "Providing opportunities for all students to obtain wisdom and achieve their greatest potential."

Muscle Shoals High School seeks to accomplish the district mission by...
...fostering a positive, family-oriented, collaborative learning environment.
...teaching the values of honesty, ethics, and hard work as keys to success.
...promoting critical thinking, innovation, and real-world application.
...striving toward high, rigorous expectations for enhanced performance.
...a commitment to college and career readiness for every child.

We embrace the state motto of "Every Child a Graduate, Every Child Prepared"


  About The School  

Muscle Shoals High School Academics

Muscle Shoals
Muscle Shoals

Traditionally, Muscle Shoals students excel academically. Based on the Alabama Reading and Math Test scores, the system has consistently placed among the top 10 school districts in one or more areas in most grade levels. Making this possible is the strong parental support of the school's programs with a majority of the parents being involved in one or more programs throughout the year. Another tradition is the large number of students who pursue post-secondary educational programs each year. It is not uncommon for this number to be at or above 90%

Muscle Shoals High School offers a comprehensive Advanced Placement (AP) program:
Mathematics:  AP Calculus, AP Statistics (online only)
Science:  AP Biology, AP Chemistry
English:  AP Language, AP Literature
Social Studies:  AP Government, AP U.S. History, AP Economics (online only), AP Psychology (online only)
Fine Arts:  AP Art History (online only)
Technology:  AP Computer Science Principles


DATA FROM 2012-2016: 

2012 - - MSHS

2013 - - MSHS

2014 - - MSHS

2015 - - MSHS

2016 - - MSHS

Graduates 94%

Completers 3%

Still Enrolled 0%

Dropouts 4%

No Shows 0%

Success Rate 97%--

Graduates 93%

Completers 4%

Still Enrolled 1%

Dropouts 2%

No Shows 1%

Success Rate 98%--

Graduates 94%

Completers 2%

Still Enrolled 0%

Droupouts 4%

No Shows 1%

Success Rate 96%--

Graduates 97%

Completers 1%

Still Enrolled 0%

Dropouts 2%

No Shows 0%


Success Rate 98%--

Graduates 98%

Completers 0%

Still Enrolled 0%

Dropouts 2%

No Shows 0%


Success Rate 98%--


Muscle Shoals City Schools is one of Alabama's "A" school districts!  See this December 2016 article from http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2017/01/alabamas_a_school_districts.html#0.

The MSHS Symphonic Band performs at the University of Alabama on February 2, 2017 during the opening ceremony of the UA Honor Band Festival https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fr7UIOACC9w&feature=youtu.be




All praise to Thee our Alma Mater 

Mighty Trojans we, 

May greater glory, love unending 

Thine forever be. 

Our worth in life, will be Thy worth, 

We pray to keep it true, 

And may Thy spirit live forever, 

In our hearts for you.


Composed in 1972 by Charles R. Stratford