Student Council Election Results
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Monday, April 24, 2017
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Student Council Election Results 2017


Student Council President

Mallory Hollaway

Student Council Vice President

Sydney Linley

Student Council Secretary

Carly Corfman

Student Council Treasurer

Addie Storey


Senior Class President

Komal Kaur

Senior Class Vice President

Braiden Dover

Senior Class Secretary

Valerie Hutcheson

Senior Class Treasurer

Lauren Brackin

Senior Class Reporter

VACANT – To be appointed by council

Senior Class Chaplain

Ben South

Senior Class Representative (2)

Lauren Brackin

VACANT – To be appointed by council


Junior Class President

Caleb Kirk

Junior Class Vice President

Kris Chari

Junior Class Secretary

Kendall Bishop

Junior Class Treasurer

Andres Rios

Junior Class Reporter

Abbie Malone

Junior Class Representative (2)

Kelly Moore

John Yordy


Sophomore Class President

Alex King

Sophomore Class Vice President

Maggie Allen

Sophomore Class Secretary

Elijah Morrow

Sophomore Class Treasurer

Aliee Reed

Sophomore Class Reporter

Zoe Wynn

Sophomore Class Representative (2)

Demi Belk

Ragan Burleson

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