Course Requests / AP Contracts
Posted On:
Thursday, April 27, 2017

Course Request List / A.P. Contract announcement

Hello, this is Chad Holden, principal of Muscle Shoals High School. Tomorrow, April 28, is the final day to make changes to classes requested for next year. Last week, your child was given a course request list for your final review. If no changes are requested, then do nothing. If there are changes that are needed, return the class list with an explanation of your new requests. It's not necessary to call or email us about changes, but simply return the form with the changes you and your child wish to make. No changes will be honored after tomorrow's deadline. As exciting as it is to end a school year, the administration is already working on scheduling and classes for next year, so this information is vital for us at this time.

Also, if your child plans to take an A.P. class next year, A.P. contracts are also due tomorrow, April 28. Without a signed A.P. contract, students will not be enrolled in A.P. classes even if they pre-registered for them. Also, the A.P. contract is binding if it's turned in, the student and parent are committing to the class. As I said earlier, this information is vital for us as we plan for next year. We appreciate your understanding and prompt attention to our April 28 deadline. Thank you, and have a good evening.

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